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Supplemental Specifications and Special Provisions to Arkansas' 2003 Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

ERRATA for the 2003 Edition Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (Rev. 4/15/04)

Posters and Notices Required for Federal-aid Projects (Rev. 9/16/13)

The Wage Rate Determination SS is listed by county.  Go to  pcd@ardot.gov to request a current copy.

Training Program (Rev. 01/21/10)

Goals for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation (for Federal Aid projects with assigned DBE goals) (Rev. 11/20/08)

Document of Payment Made to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (for Federal Aid projects without assigned DBE goals) (Date 11/20/08)

SS-100-1 Required Contract Provisions for State Construction Jobs (Rev. 8/18/10)

SS-100-2 Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) (Date 8/18/10)

SS-100-3 Contractor's License (Rev. 10/2/20)

SS-102-1 Bidding Requirements and Conditions (Date 2/10/12)

SS-103-1 Determination of DBE Participation  (Rev. 2/2/04)

SS-105-1 Construction Control Markings (Date 6/16/03)

SS-105-2 Equipment and Material Storage on Bridge Structures (Rev. 2/15/12)

SS-105-3 Control of Work (Date 5/3/12)

SS-107-1 Worker Visibility (Rev. 9/4/08)

SP-108-1 Liquidated Damages (Date 1/28/13) (for jobs after January 2013)

Liquidated Damages (Date 1/6/11) (for jobs after January 2011)

SP-108-1 Liquidated Damages (Date 12/3/08) (for jobs after December 2008)

SP-108-1 Liquidated Damages (Date 4/12/07) (for jobs after April 2007)

SP-108-1 Liquidated Damages (Date 1/9/03) (for jobs prior to February 2005)

SP-108-1 Liquidated Damages (Date 1/6/05) (for jobs after January 2005)

SS-110-1 Protection of Water Quality and Wetlands (Date 2/26/2009)

SS-210-1 Unclassified Excavation (Date 2/27/20)

SS-303-1 Aggregate Base Course (Date 1/11/07)

SS-403-1 Polymer/Latex Modified Cationic Emulsified Asphalt for Asphalt Surface Treatments (Date 5/3/12)

SS-404-1 Production Verification of Asphalt Concrete Hot Mix (Date 6/23/05)

SS-404-2 Design and Quality Control of Asphalt Mixtures (6/14/12)

SS-409-1 Mineral Aggregates (Rev. 6/11/08)

SS-410-3 Density Testing for ACHM Leveling Courses and Bond Breakers (Date 9/10/08)

SS-411-1 Asphalt Concrete Cold Plant Mix (Rev. 4/14/10)

SS-501-1 Installation of Tie Bars (Date 12/15/11)

SS-502-1 Welded Wire Reinforcement (Date 9/25/20)

SS-507-1 Installation of Dowel Bars and Tie Bars (Date 11/20/08)

SS-600-1 Water for Vegetation (Date 5/6/05)

SS-603-1 Lane Closure Notification (Date 11/7/19)

SS-604-1 Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control Devices in Construction Zones (Date 6/2/03)

SS-604-2 Inspection of Traffic Control Devices in Construction Zones (Date 5/3/12)

SS-604-3 Traffic Control Devices in Construction (Date 2/27/20)

SS-606-1 Pipe Culverts for Side Drains (Date 11/18/04)

SS-606-2 Pipe Culverts (Date 8/20/09)

SS-617-1 Guardrail Terminal (Type 2) (Date 7/6/18)

SS-620-1 Mulch Cover (Date 10/31/13)

SS-711-1 Concrete Pull Box (Rev. 8/20/09)

SS-712-1 Design and Material Requirements for Span Wire Support Poles (Rev. 6/3/08)

SS-714-1 Design and Material Requirements for Traffic Signal Mast Arms and Poles (Rev. 6/3/08)

SS-715-1 Design and Materials Requirements for Traffic Signal Pedestal Poles (Rev. 6/3/08)

SS-718-2 Reflectorized Paint Pavement Markings (Date 8/20/09)

SS-719-2 Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material (Date 6/12/08)

SS-720-1 Permanent Pavement Marking Tape (Date 12/15/11)

SS-723-1 General Requirements for Signs (Date 7/14/06)

SS-804-1 Installation of Dowel Bars and Tie Bars (Date 12/15/11)

SS-807-1 Paint Color (Date 11/16/06)

SS-821-1 Installation of Dowel Bars and Tie Bars (Date 12/15/11)







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