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The CTTP Agreement

32 courses (minimum per year); Program is reviewed each year in December by Certification Training Task Force. Members are Emanuel Banks, Chairman, Michael Benson, Don Donaldson, Alan Meadors, Mike Sebren, and Lester Frank, FHWA.

AHTD Responsibilities

Technician Training and Certification courses include Basic Aggregates, Soils/Aggregate Technician, Portland Cement Concrete Technician, Concrete Strength Testing Technician, Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete Technician, Bridge Scour and Stream Stability, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Roadway Construction Control.

Defines training/certification needs
Provides guidelines and oversight
Subsidizes program costs
Selects AHTD participants
Program review each year with UA staff

CTTP Responsibilities

Develops/maintains curricula

Schedule classes
Conducts training/certification testing
Maintains qualification/certification records
Selects non-AHTD participants






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