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Multimodal Planning


Multimodal Planning works toward the optimum use of the State?s transportation modes for both passengers and freight mobility and reliability.

Multimodal transportation refers to the use of two or more modes to move passengers or freight. Intermodal transportation refers to the intersection of two or more different modes of transportation (e.g., rail and truck) or, in the case of passenger movements, a system link (e.g., ground transportation at airports). Current planning activities focus on providing improved intermodal connections, enhancing shipping choices, and conducting intermodal studies to aid local and regional economic development efforts.

Arkansas Intermodal Related Legislation

Regional Intermodal Transportation Authorities Funding Program (Act 705 of 2017)


Task Force for Intermodal Planning (Act 1430 of 2013 and Act 166 of 2015)


Program to Fund Public Port Infrastructure Improvements (Act 1546 of 2001)


Regional Intermodal Facilities (Act 690 of 1997)


Rail Planning Responsibilities (Act 192 of 1977)

  Arkansas Waterways Commission

Arkansas Department of Aeronautics




Rail Coordination in Arkansas occurs through various means.  ARDOT is responsible for administering the FHWA Section 130 Railway –Highway Crossing Program working to eliminate hazards at railway-highway grade crossings.  ARDOT also works with cities and counties to eliminate hazardous crossing son those systems as well.  





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