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Project Planning


Project Planning Activities include preparing various studies and reports identifying project needs assessments, corridor studies, traffic operational studies, and Road User Cost estimates for construction work zones and competitive bidding practices.

During the project delivery process, assessments of the performance of proposed transportation improvements are required at multiple points. The Project Planning Team is often requested to provide information and analyses at multiple points in the delivery of projects.

— Early in the planning process, the team is often instructed by the Arkansas Highway Commission (AHC) to conduct a corridor planning study. This study will identify needs along the corridor and establish a general plan to address these needs as resources allow. The goal of a corridor study is not to recommend a preferred alternative, but to provide a comprehensive list of feasible alternatives (including benefits and drawbacks) to decision makers for their consideration.

— Once a corridor has been identified for improvement, ARDOT will assess improvement options in a manner consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a Federally-required process. The team provides assistance by providing information pertaining to the purpose of the project and the sufficiency of each alternative at addressing this purpose.

— If a project requires a modification in freeway access, an Interchange Justification Report (IJR) must be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

— During the design of a project, the team often invited to provide assistance for mobility and reliability analyses to inform project decisions.




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