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Policy & Legislative Analysis

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The purpose of the Policy & Legislative Analysis Section is to offer support to other sections within the Transportation Planning & Policy Division, to other offices within the Department, and to external partners.  Typically, this office does not gather or generate the data used in our support activities.  Instead, it is our task to compile existing data, ensure the reported data is reliable, provided in a timely  manner, comprehensive, and easy to use and understand. 

General areas of responsibility within the Section include responsibility for:

- The Arkansas State Highway Needs Study and Highway Improvement Plan.

- Travel demand modeling.

- Coordination with Federal, State, and local agencies for air quality planning activities.

- Innovative financing analysis.

- Monitoring State revenues.

- Federal and State legislative review.

- Development of the Planning and Research Division’s Annual Work Program and Performance and Expenditure Report.

- Annual preparation of FHWA statistical reports.

- Development of the Department’s Biennial Report.

- Compilation of the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws and State Highway Commission Regulations (Act 300) Book - a reference publication including laws related to the operation of motor vehicles in Arkansas.



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