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Intermodal Transportation Planning

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Rail, truck and barge transportation at a riverport Slackwater harbors allow cargo transfers outside of the river current A proposed layout for an intermodal freight facility Rail lift used to load and unload containers A freight train in Arkansas Amtrak provides passenger rail service in Arkansas

The purpose of Intermodal Transportation Planning is to provide for the optimum use of all of the State’s transportation modes for both passengers and freight.  Intermodal refers to the shipping and/or receiving of freight by two or more different modes of transportation (e.g., rail and truck) or, in the case of passenger movements, a system link (e.g., ground transportation at airports).  Current planning activities focus on providing improved intermodal connections, enhancing shipping choices, and conducting intermodal studies to aid local and regional economic development efforts.

Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (RRIF) Program

- Summary of RRIF
- RRIF Legislation
- Intermodal Transportation Glossary

Arkansas Intermodal Related Legislation

- Regional Intermodal Facilities (Act 690)
- Program to Fund Public Port Infrastructure Improvements (Act 1546)

Intermodal Studies and Publications

- Arkansas State Rail Plan - Year 2002
- Arkansas State Public Riverport Study and Needs Assessment
- Intermodal Planning Studies (see table below, click on study name to obtain study or report)

Location Study Name
Fayetteville Fayetteville South Industrial Park Railroad Access Study
Little Rock Little Rock National Airport Air Cargo Study
Little Rock Little Rock Port Complex Freight Study
Northwest Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Air Cargo Study and Freight Transportation Access Assessment
Pine Bluff Port of Pine Bluff Initiative:  Domestic and International Shipping Study
Searcy Transportation Improvement Study – City of Searcy
Texarkana Texarkana Region Freight Transportation Study (Shippers’ Study)
Van Buren Landside Access Study - Van Buren Regional Intermodal Port Complex
Yellow Bend Yellow Bend Slackwater Harbor Study – Phase II

Intermodal Maps

- Railroads
--- Amtrak Texas Eagle Route
--- South Central High Speed Rail Corridor
--- Railroad Map of Arkansas

- Commercially Navigable Waterways, Public Ports and Harbors





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