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Statewide Planning

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To dedicate our efforts to satisfying our customers within and outside the Department by providing the best available information in a timely manner. To treat our customers and each other with respect. To work closely with other Divisions and the Districts to get a better understanding of other Department processes to achieve the best possible study results. To continue to be knowledgeable on planning regulations, analysis procedures and software applications. To continue to explore and pursue new opportunities for the Department to best serve the people of Arkansas.


The Statewide Planning Section has the following responsibilities.

- Conducts the Department’s highway improvement studies to provide information to the decision-makers.
- Conducts intermodal transportation planning activities and assists in efforts to maximize the efficiency of the State’s transportation -------modes.
- Oversees the process regarding new or revised freeway access.
- Provides coordination with the State’s eight Metropolitan Planning Organizations.
- Coordinates with bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups.
- Oversees the Department’s Scenic Byways Program.
- Administers the State’s Recreational Trails Program and administers the State’s Safe Routes To School Program.




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