This map displays active lane closures and width restrictions on major routes within the State. For a listing of lane closures and width restrictions due to construction or maintenance related activities on all highways in Arkansas, as well as pending closures or restrictions, please see the text report.
Neither the map nor the text report show short-term lane closures (those where the lane is closed for less than 4 hours) or moving lane closures necessary for some maintenance or construction activities. For information on short-term closures or moving lane closures, please contact the District Engineer for the District or county in question.
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Route Features (Hot Spots)

The routes on the map are intelligent features. These features within the map will react to your passing the cursor over them by changing color. This tells you that the graphic element has some intelligence built in to it. Clicking on the feature will "activate" it, and provide further information about the route (ie. route number, route description, and related conditions).