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List of Files kept on 16mm Microfilm


Master Construction Job Files – Districts 1 thru 10, Inter-District and County

Personnel Inactive Records
Personnel Leave Card Files
Personnel Payroll
Personnel Position Vacancies and Advertisements
Personnel Applicant Flow
Personnel Position Reports
Personnel Service Awards
Personnel Training Activity Reports
Personnel Quarterlies
EEO Files
Materials and Research Job Files
Training and Safety Accident Reports
Public Transportation Job Files
Bridge Job Files
Insurance Files
Legal Circuit Court Files
Active and Non Active Retirement Records
Computer Billing Invoices, McAuto Charges and Social Security
Staff Minutes
Federal Aid Files
Contractor Pre-qualification Files
Contractors DBE Program
Notice to Contractors
Chief Engineers Job Card Files
Public Affairs – Public Hearing
Environmental Job Files
Right of Way Administrative Title Files
Fiscal Services Maintenance and Construction files
Right of Way Utility Job Files and Permits


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