LITTLE ROCK (5-18) 

     With safety being the main goal of a new project to upgrade a major interchange in Jacksonville , the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) is utilizing a new traffic signal with a “Flashing Yellow Arrow,” according to AHTD Director Dan Flowers. The new signals are part of the improvements to the intersections of Main Street and the Highway 67/167 ramps and are scheduled to begin operation this week.

            “This is the first flashing yellow arrow left turn signal we have used on a state highway,” said Flowers. “Past experience has shown that non- fla shing arrows can be confusing and the Federal Highway Administration is encouraging the use of flashing yellow arrows on future projects.”

            The changes in the signal patterns are only directed to motorists wanting to make left turns – through traffic will continue to see the traditional non-flashing red, yellow and green round lights. The fla shing yellow arrow will ind icate that left turns are permitted, but they must yield to oncoming traffic. A solid green arrow will still be used to ind icate when left turns are protected.

            “Misunderstandings under the present configuration often lead to motorists turning when they shouldn’t,” said Flowers. “We believe these changes will better communicate proper movements and, hopefully, lead to fewer accidents.”

The $320,000 project was let in September 2008 to L.E.G. Enterprises of Cabot. The City of  paid for 20 percent of the contract. There is little or no cost difference for this type of traffic signal. As part of the changes, signs have been erected in the area to alert motorist to the new signal operation.




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