Scenic Byways Program

Scenic Byways Program

Autumn on the Talimena Scenic Drive (Highway 88) View from Mount Magazine State Park, Mount Magazine Scenic Byway (Highway 309) Promenade above Bathhouse Row, State Scenic 7 Byway, Hot Springs National Park Rice farm near Gillett on the Great River Road Cyprus trees near Crowley’ Ridge Parkway Mississippi River Bridge on the Great River Road Delta Rivers Nature Center, Pine Bluff

Arkansas Scenic Byways Program was established shortly after Congress passed the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991.  This federal legislation created the framework to develop a network of National Scenic Byways, and All American Roads.  The Act also encouraged each state to develop its own state scenic byway program.

The Arkansas Highway Commission adopted criteria by which routes in Arkansas could be designated as Arkansas Scenic Byways.  The purpose of this program is to facilitate Arkansans’ recognition of special routes within the state.

Scenic Byways

Crowley's Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway
Great River Road National Scenic Byway
Talimena Scenic Drive National Scenic Byway
Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway
Boston Mountains Scenic Loop
Highway 21/Ozark Highlands Scenic Byway
Interstate 530
Mount Magazine Scenic Byway/Highway 309
Pig Trail Scenic Byway
Sylamore Scenic Byway
West-Northwest Scenic Byway

Designation Criteria

Upon receipt of a written request to designate a route or a portion of a route as an Arkansas Scenic Byway, the following steps will be taken.

The route must be designated as a "scenic highway" by the State General Assembly.


An active organization composed of various private and governmental groups, businesses, and agencies who are interested in preservation, enhancement, marketing, and development of the route's scenic, cultural, recreational, and historic qualities must be established.

The sponsoring organization must include the County Judge, or an individual appointed by the Judge, or Quorum Court of each county through which the potential byway passes.  The organization must also include the Mayor, or an individual appointed by the Mayor or City Council, of each incorporated community through which the potential byway passes.  The request must be accompanied by support from any cities and/or counties through which the Scenic Byway is routed, including appropriate City Council Resolutions and/or Quorum Court Orders.

The sponsoring organization must submit a plan to be used by the organization to promote and market the byway after designation.  The plan must include specific efforts to be undertaken to promote and market the byway as well as methods of financing the efforts.

The route's corridor must contain abundant scenic, cultural, recreational, and/or historic qualities that would be of interest to tourists.  Segmentation of the route will be considered if development patterns exist which may detract from the overall character of the byway.

The route must be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) who will conduct a study to determine its qualifications as a candidate for scenic byway designation.  The study should include local jurisdiction’s position on byway designation and segmentation.  The study will be conducted in cooperation with the Department of Parks and Tourism.

If the study demonstrates the route qualifies, the ARDOT will submit it to the Arkansas Scenic Resources Preservation Coordinating Committee (ASRPCC)  for their consideration.

A public meeting will be held to solicit public input regarding byway designation and to answer any questions that may arise.

After ASRPCC consideration and after the public meeting the Highway Commission may adopt the route and designate it as an official scenic byway with appropriate identification on State Highway Maps and distinctive scenic byways logos and signing.

Contact Information

For more information about the Arkansas Scenic Byways Program you can contact the ARDOT at (501) 569-2088 or by e-mail to:




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