Arkansas Anti-Litter Law

8-6-406. Unlawful to litter - Exceptions.

It shall be unlawful to drop, deposit, discard, or otherwise dispose of litter upon any public or private property in this state or upon or into any river, lake, pond, or other stream or body of water within this state, unless:

(1) The property has been designated by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality as a permitted disposal site;

(2) The litter is placed into a receptacle intended by the owner or tenant in lawful possession of that property for the deposit of litter, if it is deposited in such a manner as to prevent the litter from being carried away or deposited by the elements upon any part of the private or public property or waters; or

(3)(A) The person is the owner or tenant in lawful possession of the property and the litter remains upon the property and the act does not create a public health or safety hazard, a public nuisance, or a fire hazard.

(B) However, a property owner shall not be held responsible for actions of his tenant.

History. Acts 1977, No. 883, § 4; A.S.A. 1947, § 82-3904; Acts 1999,
No. 1164, § 65.








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