Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Construction Stormwater Prevention Plan

All ARDOT construction and maintenance sites that disturb one or more acres of soil have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) designed and implemented on the project.  ARDOT SWPPPs use a standard template and utilize basic information from standard ARDOT documents, including:

The ARDOT Standard Specifications for Highway Construction - Sections 107, 110, and 621 contain the main information that provides guidance to the Contractor in the protection of water quality and wetlands and temporary erosion and sediment control devices.  Sections 620, 621, 622, 623, 624, 626 and other sections pertaining to permanent stormwater control features also apply. Click Here to access ARDOT Standard Specification.

The Construction Plans contain temporary and permanent erosion controls and permanent stormwater management measures detailed specifically for the project as well as standard drawings for details of temporary erosion control devices and permanent stormwater management measures.

Contract documents provide the Contractor and ARDOT with additional requirements including such things as supplemental specifications and special provisions.  Other parts of the SWPPP that are included in the Contract include the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Special Provision and a copy of the Notice of Intent.

Project records include SWPPP inspection reports, the authorized Site Manager daily work report, and various pay quantity documentation that detail the progression of work on the project, when erosion control measures were taken, when the Contractor was given instructions to install or maintain the erosion and sediment control (E&SC) items, and the timing and details of the actual E&SC installation. The SWPPP, as described above, is maintained by the ARDOT Resident Engineer and can be reviewed at the ARDOT field office near the project.  If there is not an ARDOT field office, the SWPPP will be maintained in the ARDOT Inspector's truck.  If the inspector is not readily available on the project to address SWPPP inquiries, calling the contact phone number listed on the Construction Site Notice or Notice of Intent posted at the job site will provide access to the SWPPP in a timely manner.



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