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The page that you are requesting has changed to our new format. Please update your links and Bookmarks.

The new page is located in our new format at: roads.aspx

If you have installed the ActiveCGM ActiveX Control: Return To Map

Internet Explorer

If you are running Internet Explorer, the software will automatically download the necessary module to display the maps. This module is called the ActiveCGM ActiveX control. Check that your security level is set to allow ActiveX controls to be loaded. To do this, click on: View / Internet Options... then select the Security tab and click on the Medium level or less. The high security level will prevent you from downloading the control. Please be patient, as this is a significant amount of data(1.1 MB) and may take 10-15 minutes to download on a modem running at 28.8kb. However, you will only need to do this download once. The module will automatically install itself, and then it should display the map.

ActiveCGM ActiveX Notice

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Netscape Navigator

If you are running Netscape Navigator, you should download a file containing a Netscape Plugin Module called ActiveCGM InLine. When asked, save this file to a temporary folder. When this download has completed, you should quit out of Netscape Navigator, use Windows Explorer to locate the file (inlineself_v6p10.exe) and double-click on the file. This will automatically start up the setup process and clean up temporary files when complete. After you have finished this, and the installation is completed, you may restart Netscape Navigator, and return to the AHTD web site and view the map. Please note that you may have to enable Activex for the plugin to work.

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